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The five+three blog is coming soon. It will have web design tips, ideas for setting up your new site, and many other helpful hints and links for anyone new to hosting their own website. Stay tuned.

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five+three design portfolio

a sampling of five+three web sites

we'd like you to see some of what we have done for our clients, and a bit of what we can do for you, too.

some sample website styles.among many

Here are some examples of the websites that we have created for our clients. There are many more possibilities. We want your vision of your perfect website to become a reality - and we will do all we can to make that happen.

A web site that promotes a concise and complete directory of lenders and loan sources. This client wanted a simple and direct presentation to emphasise the content, and to project a contemporary yet businesslike image. This site was also integrated with online payments that we set up for the client. 5+3 designed the website and wrote all copy.

This is another psychic's site, geared more toward the party, events and functions clientele. Strong images and bold color give the site its initial upbeat and arresting impact. 5+3 designed the website and wrote all copy.

This is a website with an integrated add-on Wordpress blog for a client who is the author of novels for adults and children, as well as a poet. She wanted a very accessible site with lots of whitespace to focus the attention on the content. The site's design may end up being entirely reconfigured into a Wordpress theme for the client's ease of access and maintenance. 5+3 designed the website and wrote all copy.

This is an affiliated site for the above author, Calleey Horizon, which is focused exclusively on the launch of one of her novels for young adults. For this website, she wanted a very easy to navigate, youth-oriented site, with a much lighter, more whimsical style. We used a static left-hand navigation, so the nav menu is always visible while the body of the page scrolls past. 5+3 designed the website and wrote all copy.

created for you.all the way through

For all these websites, five+three8.0 created the sites from start to finish - concept, site design, content creation, copywriting, payment services and affiliate ad placement for additional revenue. We also set up the domains and hosting, and provide ongoing site maintenance (we don't just set it up and walk away if you don't want us to).

we can do.the same for you.

- thanks for looking - the five+three team