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The five+three blog is coming soon. It will have web design tips, ideas for setting up your new site, and many other helpful hints and links for anyone new to hosting their own website. Stay tuned.

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clean. elegant. effective. by design.
five+three design group

designed with you in mind

from start to finish, five+three works with you, to give you the best chance of catching - and keeping - your site's visitors.

designed with.css & xhtml

five+three8.0 is a small, hands-on web site design firm that specializes in clean, simple, elegant, inspiring and affordable site design.

There are a lot of web designers out there - you can have a website that will do almost anything that you want it to these days.

You can use flash movies and graphics, fancy splash pages that animate, embed games and puzzles, just about anything.

And some of it looks great. It is truly amazing how far we've come in little more than a decade. And who knows where we'll go from here?


designed especially for.your visitors and clients

Do all those elaborate animations and graphics enhance your web site, or do they detract from your message?

Do you really make more contacts, leads, and sales from them, or do they simply "look cool"? But after they've finished surfing your site, do they click away or do they stay and buy?

Did they really "get" you, or did they get lost in the presentation and unfocused writing?

that's the.bottom line

Good, strong copy sells. It always has, and it always will. And clean, easy-to-navigate websites sell, too. The message should be yours, not your graphic designer's.

We can do that for you. We keep the design clean and simple, and we keep the copywriting moving forward, always focused on your message.

Give us your mission and message, and work with us to define your ideal visual image, and we will take it (and you) to the next level.

We want you to be successful, happy, and profitable.

it's simpler might think